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We are a diversified client services firm and offer several services in addition to traditional recruiting and staffing services. We offer these services outside of recruiting and staffing, therefore, you do not have to contract us for your staffing needs in order to take advantage of any of our client services.

Here are some of the additional services that we provide to our clients on a global level:

  • Background Investigations –  hireneXus offers criminal background, credit history, drug testing, employment verification, and many other pre-employment services to our clients.
  • Videoconferencing – videoconferencing is an extremely valuable resource for our clients. This service is ideal for interviewing, court deliberations, and business meetings.
  • Applicant Tracking System – we have a revolutionary recruiting software system that we provide to our clients that is completely flexible based upon your needs. This unique system also gives you the ability to utilize our back office support without the cost of recruiting fees.
  • Electronic / Social Networking – is your organization staying connected with your customers through social media? This is a next-generation means of advertising and growing the popularity of your business. We know all of the major players well and can help your company grow its online presence.
  • Outplacement –  we offer personalized outplacement services to your outgoing employees including professional resume writing, career counseling, interview preparation, and social networking services.

We are committed to providing our clients with unsurpassed levels of quality and service. We have already accomplished this goal for hundreds of clients. It’s a mission we’re ready to fulfill for you.


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