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When you choose to entrust the search for your new employee to us, you are forming a partnership that we take very seriously. We understand how a good or bad hire can impact a bottom line. We will earn that trust. We can partner with you to bring not only the industry expertise of our own team, but also the total search capability of a global network.

HireneXus has a unique philosophy and approach to recruiting that has been developed over the last four decades. Our firm has a solid foundation in the traditional methods of recruiting –we know how to recruit directly from your competitors. At the same time, we have adapted to the changing landscape of recruiting and are experts with new technologies and internet sourcing methods. We have spent the last decade analyzing and understanding the information from the major job boards, which has given us the ability to effectively extract vital information about competitors, candidates, and industry contacts–not just resumes. We have developed this knowledge into a tool to get to the right people at the right companies at the right time.

In addition, we have spent the last decade analyzing response rates to our postings, how they’re posted and what goes into a good posting. We have further analyzed the quality of candidates that respond to online job advertisements and have been able to isolate the time and day that quality candidates are actively looking at positions on these boards.

Our methodology, however, goes far beyond information gathered from internet job boards. We are experts at leveraging the value of online social networks by understanding the core principle of social networks. To be effective you have to give as much, if not more, than you get in return. HireneXus has a presence on all major social networking sites which we use as a tool to help educate candidates and hiring managers regarding the talent acquisition process. We are experts at mining the data from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for industry contacts and we understand the etiquette of contacting and connecting with people on social networking sites. This has given us the ability to effectively market our positions on the major social networking sites.

Taking our strategy and methodology one step further, we have expertise in Boolean search logic and have AIRS-certified and trained staff that can effectively source information from nearly any internet source.

Our process and methodology is a highly-developed and advanced strategy to recruiting. However, our foundation lies upon our ability to develop relationships with clients and candidates through traditional methods. Founded in 1976, hireneXus began as a firm that developed a sophisticated philosophy of traditional recruiting and our progressive approach to emerging technologies has allowed us to find quality talent faster, make stronger matches, and develop long-lasting relationships.

Recruiting Solutions

Our proven methodology is applied to all of our recruiting solutions which gives our firm the ability to provide a level of service and quality of candidates that is unsurpassed in the industry. We have several recruiting solutions that can be tailored to meet our client’s needs.


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