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Layoffs are an unfortunate reality in business. Some layoffs happen because of acquisitions, some happen as a result of exiting a line of business, and others happen as a cost reduction effort. No matter what the reason, it is in every company’s best interest to maintain a positive relationship and reputation with former employees and one of the ways to show that your organization cares is through offering outplacement services.

Total Outplacement Solutions

Total Outplacement Solutions provides a complete outplacement service to your former employees that decide to take advantage of the service. Our team will work with your former employees to design and develop an effective resume and provide career transition consulting to ease the difficulties and frustrations that often come with layoffs. The end result is that your former employees feel that they have been taken care of and your organization helps to build a reputation of being employee-centric.

Scalable Solutions

Total Outplacement Solutions is a customizable service that can be tailored to our client’s individual needs and desires. We have several predefined solutions that your organization can choose from or you can build a customized package based on the services you would like our team to provide to your former employees.

Service charges for Total Outplacement Solutions are based upon the number of employees that take advantage of the services on a monthly basis and there is no up front cost to your organization for providing this option to your laid off workforce.

Benefits of Total Outsourcing Solutions

  • No upfront cost to offer the service to your former employees.
  • Promotes a positive employee-centric atmosphere with current and former employees.
  • Softens the transition of your former employees and provides a certain level of security.
  • Our team will provide your former employees with a fresh resume, career counseling, and interview coaching.
  • Customizable solutions based upon your needs.

To find out more about Total Outplacement Solutions, please contact us at (847) 697-2201 x2200 or e-mail


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