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Life as a Recruiter

Life as a Recruiter

By:  Jennifer Brenner

As a recruiter we come across many different outlooks depending on what path we decide to take. Each day brings about new challenges and each night leaves us wanting more. Whether that is related to a candidate we spoke with or a client we’re hoping to work with.

Every candidate leaves a different taste in our mouth and a different thought in our mind. Some days we deal with the most enthusiastic candidate willing to talk to our client and wanting to make a change. Other times we get a candidate who is not interested. We feel lucky when we speak with clients who are willing to put out whatever is needed for the right candidate, but we always seem to find clients who are not as willing. We wake up each day with hope for a placement.

From my perspective as a new recruiter, I’ve noticed so many things in such a little amount of time. One phone conversation with a potential client or candidate can make or break any opportunity. For example, I’ve talked to a candidate who, on paper, did not seem like a fit; I called the candidate anyway and found out they may be a great fit for an opportunity. Often the candidate doesn’t have a resume or the resume we have wasn’t one that we’d deem suitable. The struggle many recruiters have is finding a candidate that meets the checklist their client has given them. Recruiters are not usually the reason this becomes a struggle; some clients have high expectations. As recruiters we need to respect the client’s needs and work with them because we’re paid to get them an “A” candidate. Though, on the other side of the coin, candidates often expect more than a client is willing to give them. When you’re a recruiter, its part of your responsibility to help your candidate find the best place for their next step and make sure they’re just as satisfied. This does lead to a bit of a struggle from time to time but, given your efforts, you will soon find the middle ground where yin and yang come together.

If there is anything I’ve learned from being a recruiter so far it is that it can be tough but, when you find two people willing to make it work, life changing things will happen. Working as a recruiter can be stressful and aggravating, but it can be a very satisfying career if you’re determined and willing to put in the necessary time.

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About the Author

jmbJennifer Brenner is a Recruiter/Project Coordinator with hireneXus and she focuses on building relationships with candidates in the Healthcare field on a national level. Jennifer came to hireneXus soon after graduating from college. She obtained her BA in English from Western Illinois University.


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