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For over 40 years, hireneXus has delivered the highest level of private equity recruitment services, creating value and transforming our investment-backed client partners find the highly sought-after specialized talent and executive leadership capable of managing and exceeding the expectations of your investors and board. Using the most modern digital search technology and tools, we reach farther and take precise target action, taking on the hiring challenge unique to the diverse industries and financial spaces present in your expanding portfolio.

The private equity manufacturing ops recruiters at hireneXus take the most direct route to time-to-hire, providing only the highest quality, hard-to-reach candidates who perfectly match your firm’s long-term technical and cultural requirements. Start strengthening your bottom line and developing a potent exit strategy by finding that specialized talent and executive leadership essential to the profitable execution of your long-term investment goals.

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Maintenance Manager

$100,000 - $120,000

THIS POSITION IS OPEN TO RELOCATION WITH ASSISTANCE Our client, a leading global Tier 1 supplier, has recently acquired a renowned company headquartered in France, specializing in components and systems for the commercial vehicle and automotive sectors. This strategic move aims to expand our client’s market presence. The acquired company...


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