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The digital landscape is an ever-changing, consistently evolving arena that requires hiring resources equally as dynamic. The agile private equity IT recruiters at hireneXus deliver the highly trained and extensively credentialled leaders and talented professionals capable of designing, managing and securing those systems through which your data and other assets are accessed, controlled and transformed. Harnessing over 4 decades of executive search experience, we utilize today’s most advanced recruitment tools and tech, as well as a deeply personal approach, to successfully source your most critical roles.

The private equity IT recruiters at hireneXus take the most direct route to time-to-hire, providing only the highest quality, hard-to-reach candidates who perfectly match your firm’s long-term technical and cultural requirements. Start strengthening your bottom line and developing a potent exit strategy by creating dynamic IT and cybersecurity teams or finding that specialized information technology talent essential to the growth, maintenance and security of your most precious digital assets.

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Regional Manager (Sacramento Territory)

$95,000 - $115,000
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