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Short-term solutions for long-term goals.

In today’s business environment, companies must rely on a variety of staffing solutions to meet their organization’s needs and objectives. Growth spurts in your business can be cyclical and can often require specialized external resources to partner with existing staff. Or perhaps a key individual has taken a leave of absence but you still have important work that needs to be done. Or you simply have a short-term opportunity that you want to take advantage of without having to resort to a permanent placement solution.

Our influence within the marketplace covers the full range of solutions including locating and negotiating with key Impact Players who can build your business on a contract or short-term basis.

It’s about time.

We are working within our industry every day. So we know the key players who can provide immediate results on a short-term, contract or long-term basis. Armed with our proven, high-touch approach, we can quickly deliver experienced talent ready to make an immediate impact on your business.

Contract professionals are a unique breed. They can be “free agents,” “entrepreneurs,” “sales-driven” people who enjoy taking on new challenges and making things happen. But they are not easy to find. With our network abilities, we can shorten your time searching–dramatically saving you time, money, stress, and worry. Plus, we’ll add more productivity to your work day as you leave the searching to us!

It’s about talent.

Whatever your temporary situation, we’ve got the ability and capacity you need to take on the challenge. We can also assemble entire teams to tackle complex or multiple staffing assignments. Or we can focus on that one specific individual that you need to keep growing your business.

It’s about trust.

We stand behind our talent. And we can do that because of our in-depth screening process that goes beyond the resume. We uncover motivations, desire and attitudes in addition to skills and talents. We funnel all the immediate payroll obligations to our team meaning that the top talent working for you gets paid promptly and develops a high impression of you. You don’t have to worry about cutting paychecks every Friday to ensure that your talent will show up on Monday.

HireneXus recruiters undergo one of the toughest hiring processes in the business:  Us. We make it our business to present you with the best talent and service on the planet.

It’s about what we can do for you – now.

Challenge us with your opportunities to grow your business. We’re confident that we can show you how to build your business through our talented recruiters and the Impact Players that we will locate on your behalf.


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