How Engineers Are Making the Workplace Safer

Engineering is a massive industry. Those who work within it serve a host of different functions. By the traditional definition, however, engineers are charged with building, designing or identifying the things that make various tasks more efficient – whether for the consumers or other workers. Somewhat lesser known are the engineers that help to improve the safety […]

How to Succeed in 2020

The year 2020 will mark fierce competition among employers who want to hire and, more importantly, retain the best talent at their organizations. After all, unemployment in the U.S. is hovering at near-historic lows; the most recent Employment Situation report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrates how the unemployment rate was only 3.3% within the […]

BLS Employment Situation Report: November 2019

U.S. job gains beat estimates by a wide margin in November, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as payrolls increased by 266,000 for the month. In doing so, unemployment matched a historic, 50-year low and the percentage of those without jobs in the U.S. (35%) stayed the same. The increase in jobs was the most […]

Employer Branding and Attracting Strong Candidates

In today’s hiring environment in the U.S., in which unemployment is low, companies need to do everything it takes to attract strong candidates and showcase the organization as a place people want to work. To that effect, it’s crucial that employer branding and visibility are top of mind, especially digitally. According to Forbes, “Today’s competitive talent […]

Working With a Younger Manager

If you’re an older employee with a younger boss, it may be difficult to work through generational differences. After all, there are varying attitudes toward work depending on age and it could be uncomfortable for both parties to work with one another. As Forbes notes, “Working for a younger boss – while becoming more common […]

Fostering a Culture of Learning in 2020

It’s the start of a new year, and with it the opportunity to change the way in which your employees work and how your organization’s culture operates. So, what’s one of the most powerful ways to boost productivity and make people who are employed at your business happy? Inspire a culture of learning. With new […]

Accepting a Counteroffer May Not be a Good Idea

When you’re just about to accept a strong job offer from an exciting new company, you may run into an obstacle:  Your current place of employment doesn’t want you to leave and is offering you a counteroffer. As many industries struggle to find the qualified candidates they seek, businesses are increasingly fighting to retain key […]